Ancient EW Suite to Greece
September 27, 2018
Boeing to Replace T-38
September 29, 2018
Second Hand Hornet to Canada

The US has approved the potential sale of the second-hand F/A-18 Hornet to Canada. After this, Canada announced that negotiations started for 25 jets with Australia. In the statement, if the negotiations and the approval process move as planned the first aircraft in 2019 was delivered to Canada. According to a report in the Australian Press, Canada will receive 18 jets, and seven jets can be supplied for use in tests and spare parts. The total amount for procurement is expected to reach US $ 500 million.


The F/A-18 Hornet aircraft, which made its first flight in 1978, are the backbone of the US Navy’s Air Force. Hornet platforms are also the main element of Canadian jet power, can reach 1.8 Mach speed. The aircraft, powered by two F404-GE-400 engines, is capable of carrying out operations with an operational radius of 900 kilometers with 6215 kilograms payload.

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