Short List on MANPADS Tender
January 27, 2020
Wet Contacts from C29
January 29, 2020
Second Batch of S-400 Deliveries Completed

The delivery process continues in the Chinese S-400s, whhich, experienced problems with the transportation of the first batch systems during transportation with ships.

Second batch of S-400 systems reached to destination, which transported with ships. Beijing received all the necessary systems and equipment for the second S-400 regiment with delivery, including 120 launchers, generator sets and other subsystem equipment, as well as two launcher divisions, .

China, the first export customer of the S-400s, and Russia, signed an agreement for the acquisition of two S-400 regimental sets in 2014. In the first delivery via sea routes in 2019, some systems were declared damaged due to harsh sea conditions and the those equipment was returned to Russia.

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