Early Parting in Pacific
March 9, 2017
Germany delays contract with MBDA for missile defence
March 11, 2017
Russian Signature in Deep Waters

Russia is preparing to induct new deep water torpedoes into service, an advanced version of Fizik, Futlyar (Fizik-2) in 2018. Reportedly, the tests of the Futlyar torpedo, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017, are being carried out successfully and they are planned to be comissioned in Russian Navy in 2018. Futlyar is expected to be integrated on Project 885 Yasen-class (NATO Reporting name: Severodvinsk-class) in the first place.

Futlyar features an improved heat-seeking homing system, with the ability to be controlled from the submarine. The effective distance, speed and launch depth are also improved compared to its predecessor. Fizik torpedoes have a range of 50 km, 50 knots speed and maximum launch depth of 400 meters, while Futlyars are capable of reaching 60 knots in an effective range of 65 km.  

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