Dynamic Manta Hide and Seek at Mediterranean
March 9, 2020
Indonesia to Modernise Frigate
March 11, 2020
Russian Maritime Patrol Exercise at Doors of Atlantic

Russia continues its long-range operations and training activities.

In parallel with the increasing Western activity in the Arctic Region, Russian air elements also increased their activities in the region. In the past days, Russian maritime patrol aircraft conducted a series of training on the GIUK (Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom) Line, the door of the Russian Navy to the Atlantic. The Russian platforms performed flew further south than usual, the activities included the Tu-142MK and Tu-142MRM relay aircraft. Tu-142MK, one of the platforms accompanied by MiG-31s, spent approximately 2 hours off the southwestern coast of Ireland, while Tu-142MRM performed relay activity in the north of Scotland.

The regions where the training activities are also NATO's choke point for Soviet in the past; andfor Russian Navy today where the Atlantic route will be cut.

In the event when the Norwegian F-35A Lightning IIs intercepted Tu-142s first, Russian aircraft were also accompanied by the Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4s near the United Kingdom.

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