F-35 Statement from SSM
May 29, 2018
NATO should adopt hybrid warfare trigger: British rapporteur
May 31, 2018
Russian Air Force Begins Flight Testing Mig 35 Fighter

 Russia begins testing its lightweight fighter Mig-35 to complement the Su-27 family of heavy fighters. Russia’s new aviation fighter jet is currently in its testing stages. “It's lightweight, modern, deadly and darn manoeuvrable,” Russian media wrote about the new MiG-35 jet. If tests go smoothly, the first machines will enter service in 2019. The new plane resembles its predecessor on the outside, however it's very different inside the airframe. Its Zhuk-A active electronically scanned array (AESA) is able to track 30 targets simultaneously at distances of up to 200 km. New advanced engines include thrust vectoring nozzles. The aircraft has an increased payload, fuel capacity, engine resources, all while reducing the cost of flying per hour some 2.5 times from its predecessor. 


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