Additional Su-30MKI Procurement
July 2, 2020
Atmaca Anti-Ship Missile Hit from Long Distance
July 4, 2020
Russia integrates Helicopters and Drones

According to Russian Izvestia Daily, the latest Kamov Ka-52M ((NATO Call Hokum-B) helicopter will be able to interact with drones due to special onboard communication equipment and controls. The new integration will allow pilots to see images through drones in real-time and control drone flight in future.

According to daily, upgraded Ka-52M will have direct communications with a drone, defence industry and military sources said. The technical assignment for the new system has been formed and included in the project.

Two serial Ka-52 will be upgraded to Ka-52M level by the end of the year. They will undergo preliminary and acceptance trials which are to be completed by the end of 2022.

Drones will find targets and bypass dangerous adversary air defence areas.  Drones will help helicopters engage long-range missiles, and helicopter crew will operate with minimal risk and maximum effectiveness.

The United States pioneered interaction of combat craft and drones in Afghanistan. Apache AH-64E was upgraded with communications with Grey Eagle and Army Shadow small drones.

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