Ivchenko-Progress to power up the Turkish Cruise missile
October 5, 2020
Malaysia Opens Tender for New Maritime Patrol Aircraft
October 7, 2020
Russia Integrated R-77 to Su-57

Russian television published a Su-57 Felon advanced combat jet carrying new variants of the R-77 medium-range air-to-air missile.

In a documentary about 100th year anniversary of the founding of the 929th Chkalov State Flight-Test Centre at Akhtubinsk footage of four Su-57 took place.  One of the jets is carrying external weapons, including what may be two new versions of the medium-range R-77, which has the NATO reporting name AA-12 Adder. The second aircraft in the formation appears to be carrying an improved version of the R-77, the K-77M, also known as Izdeliye 180, under its left-wing, while under the right-wing it may carry an example of the ramjet-powered Izdeliye 180-PD.

The centre is responsible for the state evaluation of military aircraft, including determining which air-launched weapons are cleared for frontline service.

Russia first began the development of the original active-radar-guided R-77, also known as the Izdeliye 170, back in the early 1980s as a counterpart to the U.S. AIM-120 AMRAAM. It did not enter service before the collapse of that Soviet Union, only becoming part of Russia’s arsenal in 1994.

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