FNSS is Awarded First Batch of Harimau Medium Tanks
April 15, 2019
Sweden Spends Tax for Gripen E
April 17, 2019
Russia Gets 2 Upgraded Tu-95MS Strategic Bombers

Beriev Aircraft Company (part of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation) has delivered two upgraded Tupolev Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying bombers to Russia’s Aerospace Force, the Company’s press office said on Monday.

The Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying bomber is designated to accomplish the tasks of striking vital targets in remote military-geographical areas and deep in the rear of continental theatres of military operations, employing nuclear missile weapons. A modernized bomber is furnished with a new control system and hard points for Kh-101 missiles. The Taganrog-based aircraft company is the developer of new aircraft and aircraft prototypes and serially produces planes of various designation.

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