Iran Says Warships To Be Equipped With Advanced Defence System
August 24, 2018
Bell Is Awarded $ 510 Million Contract
August 26, 2018
Rostec Unveils Chameleon Camouflage

Russian state corporation Rostec unveiled its chameleon camouflage innovation to be applied to combat vehicles and uniforms. Camouflage was originally developed for combat vehicles with intention of changing colour depending on the environment. It can be now used in the textile industry, too, making field uniforms adaptive to environment according to the state corporation’s press release.

Electrically controlled material covering a soldier’s helmet is capable of changing colour depending on the immediate environment.

The coating can be easily applied, which allows for prompt repairs in field conditions.

“The power it consumes when used constantly is no greater than that of an energy saving light bulb. And the mass of the coating is several hundred grams per square meter,” the news release says.

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