301st Day of the Ukraine-Russia War 21 December 2022
December 27, 2022
ARES Shipyard Signs a Contract with the CFCU
December 27, 2022
Romania Signs UAV Agreement

Romanian defence company Romtehnica has signed an agreement with Israel-based Elbit Systems for 7 Watchkeeper X unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Romania, which joined the countries that increased the purchase of UAVs after the Russia-Ukraine war, spent 410 million dollars for this agreement.

In a statement regarding the agreement, which will last for five years, the ministry said that Romanian defence industry products will secure domestic production and service capacities for tactical unmanned aerial vehicles.

The statement said: “Beginning with the third Watchkeeper X system, the adjacent electrical and mechanical systems will be produced in Romania by economic operators operating in the national defence industry. In order to prevent these services from being provided by foreign companies in crisis situations or in wartime, the life-cycle of Watchkeeper X systems Complex maintenance work throughout the cycle will be provided by domestic economic operators.”

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