April 29, 2019
Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine
January 1, 2020
ROKETSAN Full of Surprises

ROKETSAN has announced one surprise after another during IDEF’19. The final tests of the surface-to-surface anti-ship missile Atmaca, which was designed and developed for the requirements of the naval forces, have been completed recently. Atmaca successfully hit a target at a range of roughly 200 km. Although it is similar to the Harpoon missile in terms of its place of use and shape, the autonomous missile with low radar signature offers many advantages including communication and speed planning.

ROKETSAN also presented new solutions for alternative uses of existing barrelled systems at the IDEF’19. One of the most notable ones is CIDA, which is developed for urban warfare and is effective against targets behind walls. The system, which carries a thermobaric warhead, is launched from a launcher and reaches targets in a range of roughly 1 km with guidance.

TANOK missile can be launched from the barrel of a tank, allowing the tank to fire a 120 mm laser-guided missile from the barrel. The missile, which can replace conventional munitions without modifications, is planned to be ready by the end of 2019.

Yatağan can be launched from the existing 40 mm grenade launchers without modifications. In addition to being laser-guided, it also increases the range of explosive warhead. Yatağan can be adapted to mini unmanned aerial, land and naval platforms as well as grenade launchers thanks to its small size and lightweight. It provides an effective destruction power directed towards the target in areas where range and accuracy are important in urban warfare operations.

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