OTOKAR Exports $ 28.9 Million Worth 4X4
July 30, 2018
Atak Engine Waits for November
August 1, 2018
Return of the Kuznetsov is Far

Russia made a statement on the maintenance and modernization activities of Admiral Kuznetsov, the only aircraft carrier it has owned. Commenting on the ship, Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center commander Sergey Marichev stated that the engine, propulsion and electronic systems of the ship will go through a comprehensive modernization. Agrement of maintenance and modernization signed in April and it is reported that the work will last two and a half years. The platform, which will enter into a seven-month acceptance test after the studies, and she will be in service by mid-2021.

Zvezdochka demanded a four-year timeframe for the maintenance and repair of the ship, but the Russian Ministry of Defense made a shorter plan for the operation.

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