F-35 Statement from SSM
May 29, 2018
NATO should adopt hybrid warfare trigger: British rapporteur
May 31, 2018
Republic of Korea to deploy K-SAAM on second Dokdo class

The Republic of Korea Navy’s (RoKN’s) second Dokdo-class helicopter carrier will deploy an indigenously developed weapon referred to in the country as Korean Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile (SAAM, or K-SAAM) Jane’s reported .

The vessel, which will be known in service as ROKS Marado with pennant number 6112 has also been equipped with a locally developed vertical launching system (K-VLS).  The K-SAAM is a 3.07 m long ship-based anti-air projectile that employs inertial mid-course guidance and a dual microwave and imaging infrared seeker for terminal guidance.



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