2016 Served Well for DCNS
February 27, 2017
Growler To Serve in Australia
March 1, 2017
Reinforcement from Russia to the Mediterranean

The Russian Navy commissioned an additional frigate in the Mediterranean. Admiral Grigorovic, who will serve on the Syrian outpost, is the leader ship of three Project 11356 class frigates. The Russian Defence Ministry announced that Admiral Grigorovic frigate yesterday left Sevastopol and is on its way to the Mediterranean in order to join the Russian Navy fleet serving in the region. This is the third “long voyage” mission of the multi-role frigate, which has been in service since March 2016. 124,8 meter-long frigate has a displacement weight of three thousand 620 tons. Russia initially intended to build six frigates. However, following the crisis with Ukraine in 2014, Russia received only three engines from Ukrainian gas turbine engine manufacturer Zorya-Mashproyekt. Thus, Russia decided to export the remaining three frigates to India.

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