Critical 90 Days for Turkish F-35s
October 3, 2018
S-97 hits 200 knots
October 5, 2018
Queen of Night

The Royal Navy's F-35B Lightning II aircrafts have begun the night take-off and landing tests on board Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (R 08). This is an important milestone for the Royal Navy. After the retirement of the HMS Illustrious (R 06), there was no platform capable of carrying a jet aircraft of Royal Navy.

The night tests were started primarily in dim lighting conditions so that the pilots could get used to it. Then, next training phase which are trainings with night vision systems in the dark environments will start. The first F-35B Lightning II took of from HMS Queen Elizabeth last week. Before this, pilots trained with simulators and on ground. These tests restore the ability of night operations of the Royal Navy. The ship's flight deck also has special LED lighting for night operations.

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