Seeking for Robotic Breaching Vehicle
July 14, 2020
Gray Wolf Ready to Take Off
July 16, 2020
Philippines Still Wants to Procure T129 Atak

Good news came from the Philippines about the export process of the T129 Attack helicopter, which became a riddle.

It is stated that the Philippines, which has come to the point of cancelling T129 Atak acquisition due to the problems experienced in the export license of the engine and some avionics, is not given up on the process. The Philippines Ministry of Defence said it is still intended to acquire T129 Atak. For this reason, Manila requested a guarantee from Turkish Aerospace that platforms can be exported.

The Philippines chose T129 Atak at the end of 2018 for its attack helicopter acquisition program. However, the process could not be concluded because the US put stones on the sale of the LHTEC CTS800-4A engine to third countries. Currently, study is underway to develop a power group for the T129 Atak and Gökbey light utility helicopters. Although it is aimed to deliver the engine developed for Gökbey towards the end of 2020, there is not yet a clear time for the T129 Atak.

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