Second Zumwalt Destroyer’s engine is damaged
July 14, 2018
PASARS-16 Terminator on the Range
July 16, 2018
Pentagon agreed with Lockheed on 11th batch of F-35s

The Pentagon and Lockheed Martin agreed on the eleventh batch of F-35 joint strike fighters according to Defence News. The Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) lot 11 production order is the largest so far for the F-35 program. It includes 141 jets for U.S. and international customers.

“The JPO and Lockheed Martin have made progress and are in the final stages of negotiation on the Lot 11 production contract,” Defence News quoted Ellen Lord, the Pentagon’s undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment, in a statement.

Turkey’s first and second F-35As were delivered in Lot 10. Third and fourth F-35As are planned to be produced in Lot 11.

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