Turkish F-35 Pilots’ Flights are Suspended
April 2, 2019
Sixth LCU for Indian Navy
April 4, 2019
Pegasus Has Broken Wings

Boeing's doesn't get out of trouble in KC-46 Pegasus. The delivery of the aircraft was stopped once again due to the detection of foreign objects that could damage the structural components.

The US Air Force has announced that it has halted the acceptance of the new KC-46 Pegasus. According to the statement, seven aircraft have been put into service, but in the tests conducted in closed areas that were reviewed for the first time, it was reported that items that could damage the aircraft were identified. Company said that solving the problems is first in the priority list. Boeing experienced in this program since the beginning of the loss of $ 3.6 billion in KC-46 Pegasus due to problems. Nevertheless, the company underlined that three aircraft per month plane plans for 2019 are continuing.

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