SSB Presented MUKAS
October 10, 2020
US approved Super Hornet and F-35 sales to Finland
October 12, 2020
Partnership of Three Countries: Serbia-China-Russia

Serbia tested Chinese drones and Russian-made jets during a training exercise called the 2020 Cooperation.

About 150 vehicles and about 2,800 troops, including more than 40 aircraft, tanks and armoured personnel carriers, were deployed during the exercise at the Pester training ground. 

In addition, the CH-92A drones that Belgrade purchased from China in July 2020 were tested in the exercise. Belgrade had purchased six CH-92A Drones from China, the first country in Europe to have thudded the Chinese-made UAV. Beijing sees Serbia as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). 

The training, which underlined Serbia's close military ties with Beijing and Moscow, took its place in the foreign press as a “show of military strength”.

Belgrade's defence budget for 2019-2020 has increased by 43% compared to 2018.

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