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November 3, 2022
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November 4, 2022
Otokar Will Show Up at INDO Defense

Turkey’s land systems manufacturer, Otokar, is participating in Indo Defense 2022, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 2-5 November. During the fair, Otokar will bring its wide land systems including 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicles, paletted armoured vehicles and weapon systems to the visitors.

Pointing out that Otokar is a NATO and United Nations supplier, General Manager Serdar Görgüç said that ‘’ Otokar actively serves 55 end-users with our military vehicles in more than 40 countries in many different climates of the world, and Otokar undoubtedly owes this performance to the progress it has made. It is the capacity to develop the right solutions in the fastest way, as well as the development, engineering and testing capabilities. In fact, Otokar stands out with its “technology transfer and domestic production” capabilities, as we are aiming to expand our operations globally in the recent period. While creating added value in the defense industries and economies of countries over time, we also focus on meeting their needs. For this reason, we develop cooperation opportunities in our target markets, including domestic production models, through technology transfer.’’

Having a wide range of tactical armoured vehicles, Otokar is internationally recognized for its survivability, superior mobility and modularity with its 4×4 (COBRA, COBRA II, COBRA II- MRAP, AKREP II, URAL, ISV), 6×6 and 8×8 (ARMA) products. Otokar vehicles, which have proven themselves in combat, serve in difficult terrain and extreme climatic conditions as they serve in various operations. At the same time, Otokar stands out with its paletted armoured vehicles. TULPAR was designed as a multi-purpose vehicle platform with significant ballistic and mine protection and high payload to meet the requirements of modern armed forces for all types of missions on the battlefield. TULPAR Medium Tank is integrated with the 105 mm weapon system and offers a state-of-the-art solution with high firepower.

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