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February 3, 2023
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Otokar announced the new member of ARMA vehicle family, ARMA II. The ARMA II armoured combat vehicle offers the highest level of protection and high firepower in its class.

Otokar has expanded its ARMA family, which is actively involved in different geographical and climatic conditions around the world, with the ARMA II 8×8 armoured vehicle. Designed according to current conditions, different user requests and evolving threats, ARMA II is a new generation armoured combat vehicle that stands out with its off-road capability and modular structure, while offering a high level of protection and high firepower in its class. Otokar, whose military vehicles serve the armed forces and security forces of more than 40 countries in five continents, besides Türkiye, will offer ARMA II to its users with two different engine options, one of which is domestic.

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said the following regarding ARMA II: “We developed ARMA II as a new generation armoured vehicle with higher capabilities, following in the footsteps of ARMA, the experienced member of the family, and reflecting the field experiences we gained at ARMA. ARMA is today considered one of the world’s leading armoured combat vehicles in its class. For more than 10 years, we have gained a unique knowledge with ARMA. Today, more than 500 of our ARMA vehicles are used for different tasks in different countries of the world. In addition, ARMA has passed the rigorous tests of different users in many geographies of the world, from swamps to deserts, from intense winter conditions to equatorial climates. The number of 8×8 armoured vehicles in the world that gained these experiences in such a short time and reached these numbers in sales is very limited. We have reflected the data obtained by our users in real terms of use, the feedbacks given by our users and the experiences we have gained in production to our efforts to develop ARMA II.”

Stating that they plan to continue the production of the current ARMA, Görgüç continued: “Our ARMA family has achieved a high level of user satisfaction. Our ARMA vehicle is the only vehicle in its weight class with amphibious capability. Our multi-wheeled armoured vehicle family has expanded further with ARMA II, which we developed with our own resources, taking into account the evolving needs and demands of our users and new threats. We believe that ARMA II, just like ARMA, will soon be among the top priorities of modern armies. We aim to reinforce Otokar’s success in armoured combat vehicles with ARMA II.”

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