Differnet Calibre TP9s
May 12, 2020
Mini Anti-Jam System Developed in Turkey
May 14, 2020
Online Fair for Military Medical Sector

Along with the virus, business development methods are finding new solutions. Military Medical Webex is one of these solutions.

Military Medical Webex will receive the title of the world's first international online fair and conference. Leaders of the military medical industry will meet online on June 9-10, 2020 with military procurement offices across the global scale. With Military Medical Webex; armoured medical vehicles, air health and services, cleanroom technology, health information and management systems, analytics, biotechnology devices and services, medical devices, medical technologies and laboratory services will be brought together with suppliers.
The event aims to integrate the ecosystem working under the military medical chain into an international supply chain and develop jobs. Military Medical WebEx, which will host five different sessions, will discuss issues such as bioterrorism and security policies.

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