One Third Of German Vehicles Ready For Combat

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October 31, 2018
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November 2, 2018

Just over a third of the new military equipment delivered to the Bundeswehr by manufacturers in 2017 is fit for service according to a report revealed for the German defence ministry

According to the report, of the 71 Puma infantry fighting vehicles delivered, 27 are combat ready. Of the eight new Airbus A400M Atlas military transports, half are fully operational. Just two of the seven Eurocopter Tiger combat helicopters and four of seven NH Industries' NH90 transport helicopters are combat ready. Furthermore, just one of the four Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets delivered in 2017 is fit for service.

Germany spent over $44 billion on defence in 2017, making it the ninth-largest spender overall, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute statistics. The proposed 2019 defence budget has set aside $51.2 billion for defence, which is $4.7 billion more than Berlin is slated to spend in 2018.

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