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May 8, 2020
Egypt to Refurbish Apache Capability
May 10, 2020
November Rumor for Chinese B-2 Spirit

The nuclear triad is an important step for countries to become superpowers. Continuing to work in this framework, China is close to completing the great trio.

Beijing, which has not been able to bring its strategic bombing capability to the desired level at long range, continues its works. In this context, November is pointed out for the first results of the ongoing H-20 strategic bomber studies, in defence backstage. Rumors are circulating that the platform will be showcased at the Zhuhai Air Show, which has not yet been cancelled despite COVID-19.

With the H-20 strategic bomber developed under the responsibility of Xian, it is predicted that China will complete its nuclear triad. The longest range bomber currently in the inventory of the People's Liberation Army is the H-6, which was developed from the Cold War era platform Tu-16. However, the effective range of the platform cannot go beyond the Chain of Islands around it. Beijing, on the other hand, plans to extend its influence to the North Coast of Australia, and even to Hawaii, as well as to US bases located in Japan and Guam. Thus, China will have completed its nuclear triad by gaining the missile launching capability with a long-range nuclear warhead from air, sea and land.

It is estimated that the H-20s will have twice range of the H-6K aircraft, a maximum take-off weight of 200 tons and 45 tons payload capacity. The platform, which is thought to fly at subsonic speed and to be equipped with strategic features such as a special fuselage form that will reduce the radar cross-sectional area and the radar-absorbing coating that absorbs radar waves like B-2 Spirit. According to intelligence data, the platform can reach 8,500 km range.

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