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October 11, 2020
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October 13, 2020
Norway Opens Base for U.S.

In Norway, a Cold War-era nuclear submarine base opens 18 years later against the Russian threat. The Olavsvern base, located near the northern city of Tromso and closed in 2002, will be reopened for the United States.

Senior American officers have been seen in Olavsvern in recent weeks. Norway's Defence Ministry then ratted an agreement that would allow the country's armed forces and the US military, as NATO allies, to use the base 350km from the Russian border.

Three U.S. Navy Seawolf submarines will be deployed to the base.

Moscow accused Oslo in February of helping “escalate tensions and increase the risk of military action” by allowing American nuclear submarines to use Norwegian ports.

The U.S. navy is already using an open port in Malangen, south of Tromso, to refuel and refuel Seawolf submarines.

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