SSB Presented MUKAS
October 10, 2020
US approved Super Hornet and F-35 sales to Finland
October 12, 2020
North Korea Unveils Two ICBMs

North Korea held a military parade to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Workers Party. The ceremony, which turned into a show of strength in military terms, started in the morning and continued until the late hours of the night. The ceremony held in the capital Pyongyang was marked by the largest intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) North Korea has ever built.

The ICBM was carried on an 11-axle transporter erector launcher (TEL). If the missile becomes operational, it will earn the title of the largest mobile missile ever manufactured.

Hwasong-15, the longest-range missile that Korea has ever tested, was also exhibited at the parade. It is thought that the missile could also be fired from a submarine (submarine-launched ballistic missile / SLBM). North Korea announced that it tested in 2017that missile however Republic of Korea (ROC) experts claim to argue otherwise. North Korea claims that the missile can reach any point in the US with a nuclear warhead with a range of 13,000 km. North Korea has conducted three ICBM tests to date, but there are still unknowns regarding the test results. The most important of these is the technology that will protect the missile during the entry into the atmosphere from space and deliver the nuclear warhead to the target. It is necessary to produce a heat shield that will withstand the high temperature that occurs during the entry into the atmosphere from space. The missile reaches 20 Mach speed and high Gs at the terminal stage. The material must reach this speed and capacity to withstand high Gs. Even at this speed, communication must be provided uninterruptedly.

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