Kazakh Y-8 Made Its Maiden Flight
June 18, 2018
MRV 6.2 Ready
June 20, 2018
Nigeria Overhauled First Mi-35

The Nigerian Air Force completed the first Mi-35 overhaul process under the Mi-35 (NATO Code: Hind) overhauling project, which was carried out with individual resources. Foreign technical specialists also attended the handover ceremony held at the 115th Special Operations Group in Port Harcourt. Speaking at the delivery ceremony, it was emphasized that the contribution made by the project to economy and the technical capability Nigeria has gained.

Nigeria has 13 of Mi-24 family helicopters. Mi-24 made its maiden flight in 1968. Nigerian helicopters is equipped with a double-barrel GSh-30 30 millimeter gun, as well as 9M114 Kokon (NATO Code: AT-6 Spiral) anti-tank missile and S-5 / S-8 57mm / 80mm unguided rockets.

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