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September 23, 2020
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September 25, 2020
New Munitions Image from Turkey

Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar and Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank visited TÜBİTAK Defence Industries Research and Development Instute (Savunma Sanayii Araştırma ve Geliştirme Enstitüsü/ SAGE) today.

The video, which was shared during the ministers' visit, also showed new images of Kuzgun ammunition.

The Kuzgun Project, initiated by TUBITAK SAGE as an internal project at the initiative of the institution, was first introduced at IDEF 2019 and a prototype of the ammunition was located at the institution's booth.

The Kuzgun was developed in an architecture suitable for the use of multiple warfare warheads. Thus, according to the need for Kuzgun particle, thermobaric, general purpose, piercing warfare headers and IR, Laser Seeker head, radar guidance, such as guidance methods can be added.

With multi-beat capability and herd operational capability, the munitions can be equipped on land, air and naval platforms.


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