DAPA unveils first images of KF-X design with Meteor Missiles
July 1, 2018
Aselsan and STE sign offset agreement
July 3, 2018
New Member to Barak Family

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presented a new solution developed on the Barak family. The system, called Barak-MX, is described as a modular, scalable and networked air defence system. Platform is created with different sensors and launchers connected to a single architecture that can be optimized for customers' specific requirements. Thanks to this feature system can be easily integrated into the air defence platforms of potential users. Platform is based on C2 (Command and Control / Control). Barak-MX, which allows firing of three different missile types, allows the command center to decide to fire against the target (Shoot What Is Needed / SWIN), can be used aon land or ships.

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