Otokar Turn a Hand to Joint Production
May 26, 2018
Anka-S Trailer
May 28, 2018
New Kamikaze to Battlefield

Slovakian Incoff Aerospace and Compel Industries introduce their newly developed lightweight loitering munition. The ammunition, called the Predator AX-1, was developed upon the request of the Slovak Defense Ministry.

The Predator AX-1, made from carbon fiber material. It's foldable mid-wings mechanically opens after launching. Two electric motor driven system can use RPG-7's PG-7VM high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) or TB-7V thermobaric warhead. The system has a dual-axis stabilized ULIS Pico640 Gen2 thermal imaging sensor for targetidentification and acquisition. Predator AX-1 is 120 millimeters long and 300 millimeters wide, it's wing span is 1860 millimeters. With a maximum launch weight of 10 kilograms, the platform can reach 250 km / h. Endurance is 20 minutes and maximum range is 20 kilometers. The ground unit of the system that a personnel can carry on his back allows the user to control the drones up to three drones at the same time.

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