Ukraine’s Eye Refurbished
June 6, 2018
Milrem with remote missile weapon  integration
June 8, 2018
New Drone Killer to Marines

Marine Corps deployed a new defensce weapon against the drones.

The drones, which have become increasingly common in the civilian market and are being used frequently in the field of for observation or attack in the battlefield parallel to this, have brought new threats. Against these threats, the US Marine Corps received new systems.  Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) was developed to knock-out small unmanned systems encountered in battlefields. Having subcomponents such as RADA RPS-42 S-band radar, Sierra Nevada Modi electronic warfare system, Lockheed Martin optical systems, GBAD has begun to be distributed experimentally to the deployment areas. The system, which can be integrated into ATV vehicles or MRZR off-road vehicles, will be tested on field. It is foreseen to make improvements in the system in the light of the feedbacks following the tests.

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