F-35 Price Falls 6 Percent to Below $90 Million
July 20, 2018
Iran to produce 800 MBT
July 22, 2018
New COMINT System from the UK

Leonardo introduced its newly developed COMINT (Communications Intelligence) system. A new system called SPIDER was developed in the UK. The SPIDER, which can operate on the between 20 MHz and 6 GHz, can detect and identify the signals and then analyze and determine the position of the signal source. System is design to be suitable King Air 350, MALE UAVs. COMINT system  consists of an integrated antenna interface with a baseplate of ​​1.4 x 4 m.

SPIDER can be integrated to belly of the aircraft, offers ease of integration with only two cable requirements to transmit power and data. The digital receiver and processing unit can fit within a 50 centimeter area in the aircraft ot UAV ground station. The system, which operates instantly on a 100 MHz band, can track 8 bands at the same time and can detect 64,000 direction finding operations at the same time. The system, which can also monitors weak signals, offers precise position detection with a 2 degree angle.

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