ASELSAN Explained Its Vision During Naval Workshop
March 8, 2017
Modernization Spurt by Russia
March 10, 2017
New Blood In Heli Design

Bell Helicopter unveiled a new concept helicopter, the FCX-001, on 7 March at the HAI Heli-Expo 2017. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Bell Helicopter’s President and CEO Mitch Snyder said they had set up a team six months ago to focus on emerging technologies and find ways to incorporate them into their products, and FCX-001 came into view through this process. The future rotorcraft will feature an airframe that is made from advanced sustainable materials to provide structural performance, a new anti-torque system to change the safety, noise, and performance parameters, hybridized propulsion systems, a modular passenger cabin and morphing rotor blades to optimize performance. Although the resulting blade design resembles Boeing's incomplete RAH-66 Comanche project, Comanche's blades were not able to change their geometry according to the flight conditions.

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