DAPA unveils first images of KF-X design with Meteor Missiles
July 1, 2018
SEDEC Started
July 3, 2018
New 155 Solution from BAE Systems Land UK

BAE Systems Land UK has announced that it is developing a new 155 mm extended-range high explosive ammunition for the Royal Navy. It was announced that the new munition, which was also developed for potential customers' requirements is a base bleed munition and will be delivered in within 30 months.

The new ammunition has a 40 kilometers range when fired with a 52 caliber barrel and 30 km when fired with a 39-caliber barrel. New munition is suitable to the M777-powered and AS90. The ammunition is compatible with the BAE Systems Rokar Silver Bullet precision guidance kit. With this kit, shooter platforms will be able to shoot with 10 kilograms RTA (RDX TNT Type A) or IMX-104 HE ammunition with a precision of 20 meters.

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