Russia Successfully Tests New Long-Range Missile 40N6E for S-400 Air Defence System
July 3, 2018
Turkey exports UAV to Ukraine
July 5, 2018
Navy to Renew Cargo Aircrafts

US Navy is replacing the aging C-2 Greyhound aircraft that it uses for transport on board aircraft. The Navy has approved procurement of CMV-22B for $ 2.85 billion.. A total of 39 Ospreys will be supplied. In the past days, with the agreement of Bell-Boeing signed with 4.2 billion US dollars, 39 CMV-22B for the Navy, 14 MV-22B for the Marine Corps, four for the US Air Force and four for the Japanese Government were ordered.

US Navy signed a development agreement with Bell-Boeing for US $ 151 million in 2015 as part of the Airborne Resupply/Logistics for Seabasing (AR/LSB) requirement. CMV-22B developed from MV-22B Block C with additional fuel tanks fuel jettison system and lighting systems to the cargo compartment and the loading ramp has been aded. A high-frequency beyon-line-of-sight communication system has also been added to the aircraft.

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