Korkut Training Simulator Developed
August 9, 2020
US Test Launched Minuteman III
August 11, 2020
Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle Production

Canada, which has a well-trained and advanced vehicle-equipment equipped armed forces, acquires new armoured vehicles.

The production phase of ACSV (Armored Combat Support Vehicle) developed within the scope of Canada's new generation multi-purpose 8×8 armoured vehicle requirements has started. The platforms, which will be produced in General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada's facilities located in London, Ontario, will be produced in configurations such as personnel/cargo transport vehicle, ambulance, command vehicle and armoured recovery and repair vehicle.

Within the scope of the agreement signed on 5 September 2019, a total of 360 ACSVs will be produced. The contract, which costs approximately 2 billion USD, is also expected to make significant contributions to the Canadian defence industry.

Canada, which already has LAV II Bison and M113 tracked armoured personnel carriers in its inventory, aims to replace these vehicles with new ACSVs. Aiming for the first vehicle to come off the production line next December, the company has to fulfill the items such as testing, training, spare parts and delivery of the first platforms before 2022. As part of the process, it is aimed to deliver the last platform to Canada in 2025.

In the published images, it was seen that the new platforms will be similar to the US Stryker family 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicles developed from LAV III.

The image located at below belongs to Stryker of US Army.

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