First Hürkuş Aircrafts Ready
June 19, 2018
Undersecretariat for Defence Industries Shared KTJ 3200 Engine’s Video
June 21, 2018
MRV 6.2 Ready

Mercedes Benz introduced the MRV 6.2 multi-purpose vehicle. Vehicle which developed through LAPV 6.1 is production ready.

MRV 6.2, which is built on the components of the G-Class 461 series vehicles, has a uprated ladder frame chassis for multirole vehicle. It has has the same V-6 185-horsepower engine same as the OM642DE30LA, W5A 580 automatic transmission and VG 150E-3W transfer case, emission level of vehicle is between EURO 3 and 5 standards according to the fuel quality used. The MRV 6.2, weighing 6200 kilograms, has a capability of 600 to 1000 millimeters of fording. It can increase the terrain capability by increasing ground clearance for conditions of the land.

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