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February 3, 2023
NFTE Received New Education Campuses
February 3, 2023
MRBS Brings Defence Industry Together in Ankara

The defence industry, which draws attention with its 4 billion 395 million dollars export and whose domestication rate increases every year, is getting ready to meet at the Military Radar & Border Security Summit (MRBS).

The MRBS, organized for the fourth time this year by the Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (MUSIAD) Ankara Branch, doubled its size. The Summit, which will be held with the participation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Defence Industry Agency, will bring the defence industry together in Ankara on 15-16 February 2023.

MUSIAD Ankara President Hasan Fehmi Yılmaz said: “Our defence sector, which is of critical importance in the security and external independence of countries, responds to the needs of both our country and friendly and allied countries with domestic and successful systems. The number of domestic companies serving the defence industry has approached 2,000. The exports of the sector, which was about 800 million dollars 10 years ago, increased to 4 billion 395 million dollars last year. It is very important for all sub-ecosystems of the industrial sector to gain the discipline to work together for the growth of the sector and its further technological development. As MUSIAD, we encourage our industrialists to produce for the defence sector. For this purpose, MRBS, which we organized for the first time in 2018, is preparing to open its doors by doubling its volume this year. MRBS, the new showcase of our domestic and national defence industry, also supports the exporter vision of the sector.”

Yılmaz also pointed out that innovative works such as security products of physical borders, robotic systems and subsystems, communication systems, quantum radar, biometric data, limits of data security, the effect of artificial intelligence on humans today and in the near future are waiting for visitors at MRBS.

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