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July 30, 2020
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August 1, 2020
Modernization of Anti-Tank Missile System from Ukraine

Ukrainian State Enterprise Design Bureau Luch (Kiev) and State Company Artem have presented a prototype of the modernized GKKB Luch combat vehicle 9P149. 

The original 9P149 also known as Shturm-S. The platform is upgraded and armed with RK-2V Barrier-V anti-tank missiles, which developed by the Luch State Design Bureau. For target detection and missile guidance, an optical-electronic system OPSN-I also integrated. The system is developed by the State Enterprise Izyum instrument-making Plant and installed on the upper forward section front of the vehicle. OPSN-I provides optical-electronic guidance infrastructure to the system, which required for proper guidance. The OPSN-I can detect enemy elements from up to 14,5 kilometres range.
Modernization also includes a system for creating laser radiation indicators and aerosol curtains.

 According to BMPD Live Journal, RK-2V Barrier-V anti-tank missile has laser beam guidance system. Ammunition has up to 6 kilometres effective range. Old 9K114 Shturm was a SACLOS radio-guided anti-tank missile system dating back to the Soviet era. Its NATO reporting name is AT-6 Spiral. The missile is also known as the 9M114 Kokon (Cocoon). The projectile was originally developed by the Kolomna Machine Design Bureau which is based in Russia. 9K114 is used on the 9P149 armoured vehicle for tank hunting and fire support tasks. The system was accepted into service in 1976 and has no direct western counterpart. It was originally given the NATO designation AS-8, before being redesignated as AT-6

 RK-2V Barrier-V equipped 9P149  will undergo trials soon.

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