Steel Cut for New Replenishment Tanker
May 24, 2020
F Variant Javelin on Serial Production
May 26, 2020
Modernised Submarine Delivered

Submarines, whose biggest weapon is silence and undetectability,  pose a great threat to all the hostile elements in their region.

Submarines, each a strategic weapon, are equipped with modern technologies. The Royal Swedish Navy launched a modernization project in recent years to keep this weapon sharp. In this context, Saab Kockums, was delivered to Sweden HSwMS Gotland submarine, whose capabilities were improved.

Within the scope of modernization studies, new observation, combat and fire management systems, as well as diving lock systems and Stirling AIP equipment have been integrated into the platforms. For the integration of new systems and energy optimization, the platform was cut in half and a new 2 meter long segment was welded. Thus, the submarine became quieter, sharper and more efficient.

The Royal Swedish Navy announced that the construction activities of the HSwMS Blekinge and HSwMS Skåne submarines are continuing.

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