Unexpected Aviation Step from Serbia
July 30, 2020
Electric Motorbike Trials
August 1, 2020
Mock-Up Attack Reharsal

Iran, which came to the fore with interesting breakthroughs in the defence area, performed a remarkable rehearsal.

A floating object, allegedly a “fake aircraft carrier” of Iran, was seen in the photos released in the world press recently. Having experienced tensions with the USA, especially the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf, Tehran conducted an exercise involving an attack plan on an aircraft carrier-sized surface platform. The floating hull that arrived in the region by towing tugs to determined exercise area from Bandar Abbas Port. Later then object was attacked by elements affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. In addition to the air assault by helicopter-borne elements, the small boats of the paramilitary structure were circled and organized attack rehearsals. The presence of fake jets on the target, which appears to be similar to Nimitz-class aircraft carriers operating in the US inventory, has attracted attention. In the final phase of the activities, a helicopter launched an anti-ship missile to the target. It was seen that the element, which was heavily damaged by gunshots and rockets and missile launches from land, later sank.

The fact that training was carried out on a target similar to the element of the US Navy at a time when the tensions with the USA were heightened did not go unnoticed.

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