Athlon Avia Conclude Flight Trials of Silent Thunder
March 8, 2020
The expansionist policy of Russia brings conflict…
March 10, 2020
MKEK’s 12.7 mm Gatling Gun Terminated the Tests

The 12.7 mm 3 barrel Gatling gun, which the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu/MKEK) shared with the public at IDEF 19, passed all acceptance tests.

The official name of Project is “Developing a Rotary Barrel Weapon System” (DNSSG), which aimed to design a weapon with three barrels capable of firing 12.7×99 mm NATO Cartridges. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) targeted about 1 200 bullets to be fired in a minute.


According to the information that C4Defence reached, the final tests took place in Konya Karapınar test range in January. In these tests, the bullet firing ability of the gun was tested as well as its capacity to penetrate. Gn passed all tests.

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