3D Printing Tech in Defence Industry
January 9, 2017
F-35 Boost to Pacific
January 11, 2017
MKEK, Owns its History

General Manager of Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution (MKEK) Ahmet Taşkın, who was appointed to this post in October, visited the Turkish Air Force’s Istanbul Aviation Museum in Yeşilköy in November.

There, Taşkın saw on site the Turkish aircraft Uğur 44 Kuş produced by MKEK and received information from authorities about its details. In the aftermath of the visit exclusively followed by C4Defence, Taşkın stated that “Truly, there have been great efforts on this subject. Particularly Atatürk, in his address at the Turkish Grand National Assembly dated November 1, 1937, articulated several targets concerning aviation.

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