TAI’s New Aircraft
January 7, 2017
Indian Army to retire Cheetahs and Chetaks
January 9, 2017
MiG-35 To Undergo Flight Trials

According to Russian Sputnik News Channel, the fourth generation hunter MiG-35 (NATO Reporting Name: Fulcrum-F), developed based on MiG-29s, will commence test flights this month. MiG-35 fighter aircraft has been designed to remotely counteract all targets with its guidance system before they enter the county’s airspace. The aircraft is able to operate at altitudes up to 17 thousand meters without stealth features. Russia and Egypt already ordered MiG-35s. The flight tests of MiG-35s are planned to be completed by the end of 2017 and the deliveries to Russian Air Forces are scheduled between 2018-2020.

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