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September 8, 2020
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September 10, 2020
Mig-29 Shot Down on Libya

It is said that a Mig-29 supporting Libyan National Army was shot down over Libya on September 8th. Russian-speaking pilot filmed himself on the ground, waiting for rescue operators. The Fighterbomber channel posted a video on YouTube.

The incident took place near the coastal city of Sirte, which is controlled by the so-called Libyan National Army of Khalifa Haftar.

The footage shows an unfolded orange parachute, the pilot’s voiceover sounds that he was hit, but survived by ejection from a height of 700 meters. According to the information he reported, he has shot down 45 km before reaching the airfield, the shot down plane fell 200-300 meters away from him.

At the end of the video, a Mi-24 helicopter appears. Before landing, helicopter performs a safety check to provide protection against any unexpected attack. The pilot, however, identifies helicopter as Mi-8.

As there is no image from Mig-29, it is not possible to confirm that Mig-29 is grounded. It is only known that 14 Russian Mig-29 flew from Russia to Libya to provide support to Libyan National Army Hafter powers. Russian flags on Mig-29s were removed. U.S. Africa Command, responsible for military relations with nations & regional organizations in Africa, announced the Mig-29 fleet. Russia remained silent. The command, however, has not made a comment on the last shot down aircraft.

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