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June 5, 2020
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Meteksan Develops Retinar FAR-AD Anti-Drone Radar System

Retinar FAR-AD Anti-Drone Radar System developed by Meteksan Defence for mini/micro UAV and onshore threats can be used as a safety sensor in large areas.

In a special report by Savunmasanayiorg, Meteksan Defence Project Manager Gül Hocaoğlu made statements about the FAR-AD enhanced surveillance radar. The system identifies drones that pose a threat in areas of high strategic value and helps to take the necessary measures early. Retinar FAR-AD qualification tests were completed recently.

Project Manager Hocaoğlu said that radar can be integrated with mixer, laser and other systems. The system can scan the target area at 360 degrees and can also scan at different angles depending on the changing needs. The system uses ASPİLSAN production domestic battery.

Meteksan software engineers have developed a special application for FAR-AD. A user who can use a smartphone can easily use the system. The system offers the possibility of detection of people and vehicles outside of the drone. Far-AD, which can detect people from a range of 7 km, can also detect drones with very low radar cross-sectionals.

Hocaoğlu announced that the next generation version of FAR-AD will be released towards the end of this summer. The radar system, whose antenna will become three-dimensional, will be able to perform a three-dimensional scan. With the developed antenna, the range of the system will also increase.

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