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January 6, 2023
Lithuania Receives Howitzer from France
January 6, 2023
MERTER Delivered to Security Forces

The MERTER Backpack Tactical Field Electronic Attack System developed by Meteksan Defence Industry Inc. has been delivered to the security forces.

The Portable Electronic Attack System (MERT/MERTER), signed between the Defence Industry Agency and Meteksan Defence Industry Inc. at IDEF 2019, was exhibited for the first time at the Meteksan Defence stand at IDEF 2021.

The system can be controlled by a smart tablet or computer while carrying out the directed electronic attack with its high-gain directional and iso-directional antennas. In addition, the Portable Electronic Assault System was designed as a system that can be controlled remotely via radio link if desired. The system, which can be fed with its own batteries, can also be operated via a generator/vehicle alternator/city grid.

President of Defence Industry İsmail Demir shared the development with the public with the following statements on his social media account: “We are starting the Turkish Century with the first delivery of a new electronic warfare system. MERTER Backpack Type Electronic Attack System will provide an advantage to our security forces in the field by preventing the communication of target elements from afar. Best wishes!”

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