Otokar Turn a Hand to Joint Production
May 26, 2018
Anka-S Trailer
May 28, 2018
“Maneuver” Offer

New short-range air defence system (SHORAD) recommendation came to the US. Italian company Leonardo and it's US subsidiary Leonardo DRS, have a new proposal. The two companies proposed the Maneuver Short Range Air Defense System for the US Army.

The system, which integrated on the Stryker vehicle, can use the Hellfire and the Stinger missiles. Maneuver concept which is a short-range air defense system, introduced at AUSA 2018.

Maneuver's modular and reconfigurable design offers a wide range of varieties for user. Weapons that require a direct shootin, such as a automatic cannon,sensors and missiles, can be easily fitted to the system according to the requirements of the battlefield.

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