ROK to Get Poseidon
September 14, 2018
Morocco gets 170 Abrams Tanks
September 16, 2018
Making Ammunition Lighter for Small Arms

Studies on reducing the weight of all equipment and systems, as well as increasing their portability and ergonomics, have been initiated within the scope of modern infantry/military projects. The ammunition for light weapons were also included in this scope.

The rapid advancement of technology has brought about an increase in the number and variety of devices and systems used by security forces to improve conflict efficiency. Considering that a soldier can only carry a limited number of tools, each new material diminishes the amount of equipment, such as weapons and ammunition the soldier carries. For this reason, efforts have been initiated to reduce all equipment and systems, to increase their portability and ergonomics within the scope of “modern infantry / military” projects. Instead of cartridge cases produced from brass or steel, novel and complex solutions such as “caseless cartridge” and “telescopic cartridge” or simpler methods including the usage of light materials such as “aluminium”, “ceramic”, “composite”, “plastic” or “polymer” in the production of cases have been developed to decrease the weight of ammunition without compromising ballistic performance.

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