Atak Engine Waits for November
August 1, 2018
One More LCS Accepted
August 3, 2018
Longbow Missile to Middle East

Kuwait continues to its arms procurement. Kuwait,  requested 300 Lockheed Martin AGM-114R Hellfire and this request was approved by the United States. In the statement made by DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency), Kuwait will pay 30.4 million US Dollars for 19 M261 launchers for 70 mm rockets, 300 AGM-114R Hellfire, spare parts training and support services specified.

Kuwait already hasd 96 laser-guided AGM-114K and 288 radar-guided AGM-114L missiles procured over the past several years. Kuwait serviced 16 AH-64D Apache helicopters in 2007.

The AGM-114L, which can be used with the Longbow radars used in the AH-64 Apache helicopter, can be fired from behind the obstacles in the light from the Longbow radar. While the safety of the platform is increasing, it is difficult to understand which direction the threat comes from. The AGM-114L missile can be sent to its targets from eight kilometers.

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